A blessing that we found her

My friend needed to have 31 pieces of jewelry appraised. Some other appraisers required removal of the diamonds from the settings. Some appraisers required her to leave her diamonds, other precious stones and gold with them for up to a week. Piracci was extremely quick and professional. She used a high powered microscope, an electrical device, a powerful camera and a microscale to determine the value of the stones and metals. She had many books and charts. She explained the standards that she used. She was friendly and pleasant. She was able to go through a lot of work, a lot of pieces of jewelry in a very short period of time. She could quickly tell what pieces were authentic and what pieces were fraudulent. Her documentation was crystal clear. She permitted us to watch and wait as she did her work. I feel that it was a blessing that we found her at this time. I would highly recommend her to do jewelry appraisal work for anyone without reservation.
— Ted Pitts

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