A very detailed appraisal

Recently when I went to get an insurance policy for my wife’s jewelry I could not find the appraisals. I went to Kim for an appraisal of a diamond engagement ring and a diamond bracelet. She was friendly and efficient, handing me the appraisals two days later. I didn’t realize how great Kim Piracci was until the next month when I found the old appraisals. There was no comparison. The old appraisal basically documented that I owned the jewelry with a brief description and value estimate. Kim’s appraisal had the type of detail (including a mapped image of all aspects of the stones) that would allow me to identify and claim it anywhere should it ever become missing, and it gave supporting information to back the appraised value. Thanks Kim! Now that I know just how good a job you do I’ll make sure all my friends get it done the right way the first time through.
— Chris Helmstetter

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