Why Choose Kim to Appraise your Jewelry?

why choose kim piracci

My gemology lab is impressive! My Leica microscope is my favorite earthy possession. It magnifies up to 60 times. I rely heavily on it to identify stones and find synthetics and treatments. My lab includes a Refractometer which helps me identify colored stones. It also includes five diamond master stones, real diamonds, not CZ’s, for color grading diamonds. My reference library is a feast for the eyes as well as an impressive collection of resources.

Sometimes my clients are worried that someone will switch their diamond for one of lesser quality. That probably won’t happen. But for your peace of mind, I can show you how to identify your own diamond under the microscope.

Ethics and honesty are important to me. I work to be worthy of your trust. My work is for the benefit of my clients.

At the end of the appraisal process, I explain the appraisal document to you. I encourage you to ask questions. I want you to leave completely satisfied with the work I have done for you.

My appraisals are legal documents and as such, may be used in a court of law. With every appraisal I write, I ask myself if I could validate this opinion of value in court. If not, I go back to work.

I am very proud to be a Certified Senior Appraiser with the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers. I sat for a difficult test and passed it. For my clients, this means that I am well qualified to write their appraisals and consult with them on whatever it is they may need to know about their fine jewelry.

My favorite gemstone is the diamond because it is just so darn pretty, although I love all kinds of jewelry. Antique jewelry is especially engaging. It is fascinating to study jewelry history and come to understand why and how specific attributes of a time period come about. Circa dating a piece of jewelry is always a welcome challenge. It is fun to hear the stories about jewelry when clients come in with family pieces.

I grew up in the beautiful and cold state of New York, not in the city but in the Adirondack Mountains. I have a handsome husband that I have been married to since August of 1982. His job moved us to North Carolina in ‘96 where we are now deeply rooted. We have two grown sons and one grandson. My grandson is ludicrously adorable.

When not in my office, I enjoy running, yoga and hiking. I have two little dogs that give me reasons to laugh every day. My next planned adventure is to raise some back yard chickens.