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Look no further than working with Kim!

I cannot say enough about my incredible experience with Kim!  She’s professional, knowledgeable, and a true expert in her profession.  I’ve worked with others who may hold some of the same credentials as Kim, but her unique, artistic-eye and integrity is what separates her from the rest.  Kim not only educated me on the 4 C’s of buying a diamond, but was there to serve as an expert coach throughout the entire process of me purchasing my engagement ring!  Service such as this is something that you cannot find easily today, especially in the jewelry market.  If you’re looking to work with someone that you can trust to provide you with the best knowledge and expertise, look no further than working with Kim!  I look forward to using her for all of my jewelry consulting needs in the future!

A very satisfied customer,
Jason B.

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She has incredible knowledge

As a designer goldsmith I depend on Kim as an independent appraiser. She has incredible knowledge of a wide range of jewelry and gemstones, whether it’s vintage, estate or contemporary. I recommend her to anyone who needs jewelry appraised.
– Larry Seiger

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I am very thankful to have found Kim Piracci.

I am very thankful to have found Kim Piracci. I would not be nearly as successful at jewelry sales as I am today if not for her knowledge, patience and indulgence. She always finds time for me and painstakingly goes through all my jewelry collections thoroughly, grading and measuring each and every stone. I arrive with tons of questions and by the time I leave, I gain more knowledge than I ever thought possible! 🙂
– Linda Hux

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Kim was professional, efficient and thorough

As a recent newlywed, I hired Kim to appraise my diamond wedding band for insurance purposes. I found her business online, making a few calls to other shops before deciding on Kim for the job. I choose her because her prices were affordable, she had excellent customer reviews, and most importantly, because she offered same-day appraisal services. This meant I didn’t have to go days without my ring, just to get it appraised. The entire process took less than one hour. Kim was professional, efficient and thorough. I was impressed with how organized and detailed she was, providing two copies of the appraisal (one for insurance and one for my personal records). The entire process was quick, easy, and convenient. I will certainly recommend Kim to any other friends who need their jewelry appraised in the NC/Triangle area. Can’t recommend her services enough!
— Christine C.

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A blessing that we found her

My friend needed to have 31 pieces of jewelry appraised. Some other appraisers required removal of the diamonds from the settings. Some appraisers required her to leave her diamonds, other precious stones and gold with them for up to a week. Piracci was extremely quick and professional. She used a high powered microscope, an electrical device, a powerful camera and a microscale to determine the value of the stones and metals. She had many books and charts. She explained the standards that she used. She was friendly and pleasant. She was able to go through a lot of work, a lot of pieces of jewelry in a very short period of time. She could quickly tell what pieces were authentic and what pieces were fraudulent. Her documentation was crystal clear. She permitted us to watch and wait as she did her work. I feel that it was a blessing that we found her at this time. I would highly recommend her to do jewelry appraisal work for anyone without reservation.
— Ted Pitts

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Honest, straightforward, thorough assessment

Kim Piracci, independent jewelry appraiser, completed 3 detailed appraisals for my homeowners insurance. I greatly admired Kim’s thorough assessment of my pieces. I was comfortable in her lab while she examined a large collection of pieces that I wanted to have appraised for insurance and personal reasons. She took the time to answer all of my questions, in words that I could understand. Additionally, I greatly appreciated Kim not “upselling” me. I brought her several family heirlooms, that turned out to have much greater sentimental value than financial worth. When Kim discouraged me from completing appraisals on those pieces, I was grateful that she was honest and straightforward. I highly recommend Kim Piracci for all of your jewelry appraisal needs.
— Danielle C

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I would highly recommend Kim

My daughter was referred to Kim Piracci by a local jewelry designer when she wanted to know the value of a diamond ring that she wished to sell.  I went with her to Kim’s place of business in Chapel Hill.  Kim was friendly, yet professional and unhurried.  In a matter of days she called my daughter to tell her that the appraisal was complete and that we could come by and pick it up with the ring.

Because of our satisfaction with Kim’s services, I took several other pieces of jewelry to her for appraisals.  Kim was very honest about a few pieces which I had thought were more valuable than they actually were.  In so doing, I was able to reduce my insurance premiums on  the items.

I would highly recommend Kim to anyone who wants a fair and accurate appraisal on his/her jewelry, either for insurance purposes, or just for information and peace of mind.  I feel that her fees are quite fair and that she is responsive and pleasant to work with.
— Beki Stirman

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A very detailed appraisal

Recently when I went to get an insurance policy for my wife’s jewelry I could not find the appraisals. I went to Kim for an appraisal of a diamond engagement ring and a diamond bracelet. She was friendly and efficient, handing me the appraisals two days later. I didn’t realize how great Kim Piracci was until the next month when I found the old appraisals. There was no comparison. The old appraisal basically documented that I owned the jewelry with a brief description and value estimate. Kim’s appraisal had the type of detail (including a mapped image of all aspects of the stones) that would allow me to identify and claim it anywhere should it ever become missing, and it gave supporting information to back the appraised value. Thanks Kim! Now that I know just how good a job you do I’ll make sure all my friends get it done the right way the first time through.
— Chris Helmstetter

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Thank you for your help

Thank you for your help in the appraisal and sale of jewelry from my parents’ estate. Despite my lack of knowledge concerning jewelry, you were very patient and your answers to my questions were very helpful. Everything was done within the time frames you predicted and sold for amounts in line with your estimates. I am a very satisfied customer, and only regret that I am unlikely to be a repeat customer now that the estate has been settled.
— Seth Forman from Toto, Guam

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Professional and so informative

Needing an updated appraisal on two pieces of jewelry for insurance purposes, I remembered an article about Kim in a local newspaper-thank goodness! She was professional and so informative. She made me better understand the complex world of gemology. Kim created a reassuring environment with a minimal waiting time for my appraisals. I have and will continue to recommend Kim for any gemology needs.
Cindy Ryan

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