Jewelry Appraisal Services

There are basically two jewelry appraisal services I perform; Written appraisals and verbal consultations.

Written appraisals

jewelry appraisal services

Most written appraisals are for insurance. These are very complete documents and include all pertinent information, two photographs, and all the information you need to understand the appraisal. Click here for more detailed information.


Another type of appraisal is for re-sale. You have an item and you want to sell it. I can provide a written document which will tell you and your buyer exactly what you have. Since I am a third party, independent appraiser, my documents are respected and helpful for all people involved in the sale.


Estate appraisals are a little different. Sometimes a very detailed written report with a Market Value is needed. Sometimes a brief description is required for equitable distribution. It depends on what your attorney says you need.


Sometimes you just need to know what you have. Or you want to know how to sell it. Or maybe you’re wondering if it’s worth having made into something else. Maybe you want to buy a diamond and would appreciate some insider information.

Maybe you just bought some jewelry and want to make sure it is what you were told it is. There are a million reasons why a person might want to consult with a graduate gemologist and appraiser, especially if that person is an independent. Let’s talk!