How it works

jewelry appraisal north carolina
I work by appointment. It’s easiest to set this up with a phone call so give me a ring at 919-260- 3686. That is actually my cell phone so I can pick up almost anytime. Or leave me a message.

Most people want to wait while I do the work, especially if it is an important diamond or they are coming from out of town. That is fine with me. I just set up a time when we can be together in my office. I normally schedule an hour per piece of jewelry appraised.

If you have more than a couple pieces, please plan to leave at least some of them with me. Or plan to come in several times.

It is very important  that if you have a diamond report, you bring it in. This will help me give you the most accurate appraisal available. For example, the report will have an exact carat weight. Otherwise my weights on set stones will be approximated.

Bring in all information that you have on the jewelry. This might be an original receipt or an old appraisal. If there are any discrepancies, I liked to get them cleared up right away.
Note: Some people want a truly independent appraisal and therefore don’t want to show me the information they have. I understand. In that case, I do my work before I look at what you have.

I complete the appraisal, explain it to you, and answer any questions you may have. Then you pay me for my work. When you leave, you take your jewelry and the completed appraisal.