Jewelry Investments

jewelry investment necklaceHave you ever bought a piece of jewelry thinking that it was a good investment? I have! The price of jewelry does tend to go up with time, but that’s new jewelry. Once you’ve purchased an item, it’s used jewelry. You can call it vintage or pre-owned, but still, there are few buyers for used jewelry. Think about how many times you’ve gone out shopping for used jewelry. I’ve never said to my best friend, “come on Tish, let’s go look at other people’s old jewelry. It’ll be so much fun!”But for most of us, if we did buy something pre-owned, we’d expect a great bargain.

Think of it like buying a car. You’ve heard about the value of the car dropping $1000 just for driving it off the parking lot. Sadly, jewelry is like that too.

Now if you buy a Rolls Royce or a Bentley, that’s different. Cars like that will hold value, usually. So it is with jewelry. If you must invest in jewelry, find something that is unique, desirable and extremely rare and of the highest quality available. Think one of a kind necklace from Van Cleef and Arpels. Or choose a 15 carat diamond with high color and high clarity. These types of items will always be so rare that there will be a market for them.

You can use this information to your advantage! Used jewelry can be purchased for a song! Always wanted a diamond tennis bracelet? Look for it on the secondary market; e-bay, Craig’s list or consignment stores. Or go to an auction and let the gorgeous piece find you. Many jewelry stores have sections for vintage and antique jewelry. But there may not be super huge  bargains there.

But BE CAREFUL. Anybody can tell you anything. Look for third party laboratory reports and jewelry appraisals. Consulting with an independent jewelry appraiser would be a wise choice as well. I recommend Kim Piracci. Seriously. I’ve done these types of consultations many times. As the saying goes, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Here’s my advice that you must want because you’ve read this far. Buy jewelry that you love. Insure it to protect the asset. Wear it often and enjoy it. Keep it clean because it will look prettier. Think of it as an investment in your personal enjoyment account. Jewelry works that way.

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