Taking Care of Your Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry is very durable. Still, accidents do happen. Here are some procedures that will safeguard your jewelry.

Taking Care of Your Jewelry Keep it clean. Dirt buildup will wear away the metal holding your stones.

Instead of wearing your jewelry to bed at night, consider soaking it in a mild detergent solution. The next morning, simply rinse with warm water, wear and enjoy. This will also keep your jewelry looking its most beautiful.

Diamonds can chip if hit at just the right angle. Leave your jewelry in the soaking jar for sports and gardening.

Chlorine bleach can damage the alloys in metal jewelry. Avoid wearing your fine jewelry in pools and saunas. Further, take your rings off when cleaning your house with strong chemical compounds.

The ocean’s salt water can damage many stones and metals. Additionally, fingers constrict in water making it more likely that your rings will fall off. Keep your jewelry in a safe place while enjoying the beach.

Pearls are damaged by most personal care products, including perfume and hair spray. Put them on last when dressing. Then take them off first. Roll them gently on a damp cloth. Store them in a soft bag.

Gemstones can scratch metal, softer stones, and even each other. Store each piece of your jewelry separately. Tiny zip-lock baggies can be purchased for this purpose.